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Big Hug in Jerusalem

On June 24, from 6.00-7.30 pm, the ´Big Hug´ will be held in Jerusalem. Light workers from Israel, Palestine and from all over the world, ´Lovers of Jerusalem´, will come together to bring...

... warmth and energy to this city, embracing the Old City.If all bundle their positive energies and bring these to Jerusalem, they can create peace to this exceptional place.

The ´Lovers of Jerusalem´ (LoJ) are organizing the Big Hug to make the people aware – especially the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem - that there is a very shaped perspective for the city of Jerusalem as a city of peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine, Israel and at large.

The ´LoJ´ thinks that the sting of all problems between Israeli and Palestinians lays in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her status has to be solved in such a way, that all parties fighting for control over her can agree upon. Let go of the conflict concerning her command and dedicate the city to the Omnipresent. The Old City as a whole is His Temple. To give the walled Old City free to God, as a "Status Apart", as an independent city, will be the most feasible way to come out the current impasse. The Old City of Jerusalem must become an open city, a House of Prayer for all the Peoples. This perspective is written down in the Holy Books, this is the perspective that the ´Lovers of Jerusalem´ embrace as well as solution.

16:00 Gather at three meeting points around the Old City. Outside Dung gate - near the Western Wall. Habonim Garden - south of Jaffa Gate. Palm tree´s Garden (Suk Al Falahin)- west of Damascus Gate. Parking in Karta Parking Lot and Giva´ti. Meet and connect to our bigger family of the Lovers of Jerusalem.
18:00 Spreading out around the walls of the Old City.
18:30 The Big Hug - a human Hug to surround and embrace the walls with shared prayers for peace and unity and for a life of happiness for all beings.
19:30 End of Second Jerusalem Hug and closure gathering at Habonim Garden for sharing of Music and blessings.
Bring family, friends and your musical instruments!

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Beitrag vom 18.06.2008