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Interview with Aura Dione
Lisa Erdmann

Aura Dione is a Danish singer-songwriter and a musical discovery of the year. Born in Denmark to a mother of Faroese and French descent, and a father with Spanish heritage, she wrote her first ...

... song at the age of eight. In summer 2007 she made her debut in Denmark with the single "Something From Nothing" from the album "Columbine". In Germany the song was released in 2009. The single "I Will Love You Monday (365)" was a minor hit in Denmark, but was a number-one hit in Germany. AVIVA-Berlin talked to the child-hippie, extraordinary singer and fashion rebel about her music, her childhood, her unique style and her love for shoes.

AVIVA-Berlin: You were born in Copenhagen but you spent your childhood all over the world. What was it like having hippy parents who sailed the world`s oceans? Did they have a strong musical influence on you when you were growing up?
Aura Dione: It´s amazing to have parents that dare to be different! A great part of my musicality is a gift from my parents. My father collected guitars and my mother is a musician – so it was natural for me to begin writing my own songs and playing instruments.

AVIVA-Berlin: In your "Song for Sophie" you describe a girl who "was always like a feather" in your life. Which autobiographical parts do your songs include? What inspires you when you are writing your songs?
Aura Dione: I love to tell stories from and about my life - and every song comes straight from my heart! Everything around me influences me. Love, life, friends, family, and all the interesting people I´m blessed to meet.

AVIVA-Berlin: At the age of seventeen you travelled to Australia. How have your experiences with this country influenced your music?
Aura Dione: In Australia I was very influenced by the Aboriginals that existed in the land from the earliest times, and that was when I wrote "Something from Nothing" from my album "Columbine". Australia is only one of the places that inspired me as an artist, and I would love to travel the entire World to find new inspiration.

AVIVA-Berlin: How would you describe your music to someone who has not listened to any of your songs before?
Aura Dione: Personal, unique, honest - My album "Columbine" is a piece of my heart. It opens a door into my life for the listener!

AVIVA-Berlin: Which track on your album "Columbine" do you like most and why?
Aura Dione: Dum dum dee dudedum… "I Will Love You Monday (365)" – It was the track that started my fairytale here in Germany. I´m so excited! And HAPPY!!

AVIVA-Berlin: Now that your latest album "Columbine" is out you must be very excited. Did you expect this success? How would you describe your feelings to our readers?
Aura Dione: I feel on top of the world – I´m having the greatest time of my life! I believe that if you put your heart and soul into a project, no matter which, you will always succeed in your own way!

AVIVA-Berlin: Is there any musician you would like to perform with?
Aura Dione: Sure, there are sooo many great musicians in the World! To perform with Antony Hegarty from Antony and the Johnsons would be a big honour! He´s amazing, unique and completely his own – I dedicated a track to him on my album – It´s called "Antony".

AVIVA-Berlin: In the video for "I Will Love You Monday" you are dancing together with a bunch of shoes. Please tell us who is your favourite shoe designer and which fashion label do you wear mostly? How would you describe your own style?
Aura Dione: I don´t have one favourite shoe designer – but I RESPECT many :-) Lanvin is one of my favourites at the moment. When it comes to fashion I love to mix different designers with vintage to get my own personal Aura Dione touch.

AVIVA-Berlin: Is there a question you always wanted to answer in interviews?
Aura Dione: I´ve always wanted to answer "Marilyn Monroe" – Can you guess the question? ;-)

AVIVA-Berlin: What are your future projects?
Aura Dione: To enjoy life to the fullest, play music every day, write songs, tell stories, share my heart and continue on singing my heart out!

AVIVA-Berlin: Thank you very much for this Interview and good luck for the future!

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Beitrag vom 22.01.2010

Lisa Erdmann