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Call for Papers for topics on Bertha Pappenheim by December 7th 2008

On February 23-25, 2009 the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will hold a conference on the occasion of the 150th Birthday of the social activist and writer...

... Scholars and social activists from a variety of fields are invited to hand in proposals for lectures.

February 27th 2009 will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Bertha Pappenheim. The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem in cooperation with The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will hold a conference in Jerusalem to commemorate this event. Bertha Pappenheim, also known under the name Anna O. as Freuds first case story of studies on hysteria, was a truly remarkable figure. She was engaged in the jewish women´s movement and always fought against girls´ trafficking and prostitution. Later in her life she became known as the authress P. Berthold. But the full impact of her active contribution to a broad spectrum of social life (amongst other the foundation of several charitable societies) and her influence on future generations have not earned her the recognition she deserves. The issues that she addressed throughout her life and her responses to them are of even greater relevance today.

Scholars from a variety of disciplines e.g., history, sociology, literature, criminology, psychology, law, - and social activists are invited to submit proposals for lectures based on Bertha Pappenheim`s life and work.
Appropriate themes might include:

  • from Anna O. to Bertha Pappenheim
  • the case of Anna O. - Hysteria, Freud and psychoanalysis
  • Feminism, women and Jewish women at the fin-de-siècle in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Prostitution and white slavery, and the fight against it from the end of the 19th century until today
  • Pappenheim and the conflict of the modern woman
  • Pappenheim's writings
  • Pappenheim and Jewish Orthodoxy
  • Pappenheim and Zionism
  • Pappenheim and other figures (Recha Freier, Henrietta Szold, Martin Buber, Rabbi Nehemia Nobel and others)
  • Representations and perceptions of Anna O. and Bertha Pappenheim.
  • Pappenheim's relevance to our days.
  • Other topics.

    The conference will take place from February 23-25, 2009 at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (in English and Hebrew) in Jerusalem. Please send proposals with a half-page to a page summary and a short CV to by December 7th 2008.

    For further information please contact:
    Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem
    33 Bustenai st. Jerusalem 93229, Israel

    or get in touch with the Bet Debora e.V., Frauenperspektiven im Judentum

    To learn more about Bertha Pappenheim see online: (german)


    Beitrag vom 03.12.2008