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Lee Triffon from Eatliz in Interview
Tatjana Zilg

In Tel Aviv they are already a well-known act. At the Popkomm the German crowd will be able to experience their magic pop sound, which integrates heavy guitars and vivid trumpets.

AVIVA-Berlin: "Violently Delicate" will be released in Germany soon. Has it been difficult to get an international contract?
Lee Triffon: Well, the band did get nice attention amongst German fans, using social networks like Myspace and others, and it was at the same time that our management Anova Music had met all the good people that are involved with the release of the album in Germany and Austria, and everything sort of fit in place. It´s always that combination of timing and the rest of the circumstances.

AVIVA-Berlin: How do you feel about being part of the Popkomm? What are your wishes for your stay in Berlin?
Lee Triffon: We are very excited! I personally love Berlin. I was there only once before and it was magic. We hope to stay and tour in Berlin and maybe go on an extended European tour in the future.

AVIVA-Berlin: Are you involved in another music projects? If so, which ones?
Lee Triffon: I´m currently working on my solo debut album which is best described as electro-folk. Amit Erez has a fruitful career as a singer/songwriter (he´ll be showcasing in Popkomm as well in the same night with Eatliz). Or is busy producing albums for lots of artists, Guy is doing animation and video clips and Omri plays in another project as well. We´re all pretty busy!

AVIVA-Berlin: Could you describe the music and club scene of Tel Aviv? How big is it? Is it very familiar? And what are the musical preferences of young Israelis?
Lee Triffon: Wow. That´s a tough one. There´s so much going on in Tel Aviv. Despite its small size, the scene is very active and versatile. You could probably find any kind of genre and a party to match. From acoustic performances to a crazy clubbing scene. So it´s kinda hard to say exactly what´s going on, but all I can tell you is that people are out partying every night and one can find many gigs in the same night. Tel Aviv is fantastic.

AVIVA-Berlin: How do you feel about the current state of the Palestinensian-Jewish conflict? What do you think should be done to solve the conflict?
Lee Triffon: I normally try to avoid political issues, because it´s hard to establish an opinion while you can never really have all the information from both sides... all I can say about it is that this conflict sometimes feels like trying to fit a circle into a square frame, impossible and frustrating. I guess the only way for a real solution is if the circle will recognise the square for what it is and vice versa.

AVIVA-Berlin: Your music seems to be influenced by very contrary music styles. There is a tendency towards heavy metal, but there are pop melodies and jazzy instrumentation as well. How did you find your way of making music? Which bands do you personally listen to?
Lee Triffon: The musical influences are a fusion of what we all like, this is where the variety stems from. Personally I like a lot of different genres, anything that makes me excited. It changes all the time, for instance, lately I´m into a lot of ethnic music, mainly Indian, Japanese and Celtic. But the good thing about Eatliz is that everyone of us comes from a different background and that keeps our compositions and arrangements fresh and unique.

AVIVA-Berlin: What is important for you when you are performing live?
Lee Triffon: I suppose the most important thing for me is the band´s vibe, when we are all connected on stage the shows are a killer!

AVIVA-Berlin: What is the idea behind your band name Eatliz?
Lee Triffon: There´s a double meaning to the name Eatliz, in Hebrew it means buchery shop and in English, well, you get it – eat Liz´s.... plus we start to feel quite affectionate for this Liz character, like we have an imaginary friend in the band.

AVIVA-Berlin: What are your plans for the future?
Lee Triffon: All the best possible!!

Eatliz im Netz: Myspace.


Beitrag vom 07.10.2008